Monday, May 18, 2015

Failing at being a Bitch

Anyone else feel uncomfortable when they witness someone failing at being a Bitch and coming across as at thundercunt instead? 

While at Walgreens this evening to pick up a prescription I was in line behind a knuckle dragging swamp cunt berating the pharmacy tech for not having her prescription on hand that had been called in over a week ago by her doctor while she sat there and by gawd they better find that damn thing or she'd have the girl and the pharmacists incompetent asses for screwing up her meds again. 

The young technician was almost in tears as the twatwaffle in front of me continued ripping into her. Finally, the shitstick turned to me and winked like we were old buddies and she had found someone to agree with her ranting. 

I smiled back sweetly and said it was obvious she has been there many times before - all ending in her being frustrated. She agreed. I said it would be so much easier if they just did their damn job. She agreed again. 

Then I told her it would make their jobs much easier if cunt rags such as herself would pick up prescriptions in a timely manner instead of expecting the pharmacy to hold meds indefinitely until said cunt rag showed up bitching out a young technician because the cunt couldn't comprehend policy and expected special treatment. 

While her mouth hung open, jaw apparently not working, I told the thundercunt to step aside so I could complete my business - as my prescription, called in that very day - was ready for pickup. 

Moral of the story: Not everyone is cut out to be a Bitch - don't mixup how to be a Bitch with showing the world you're nothing but a lowly cunt.

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