Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Civil unrest bullshit

The civil unrest and turmoil inside our great country, the USA, is seriously fucked up. I made it clear with Michael Brown that I felt Darren Wilson was in the right to shoot. Now I'm about to speak my mind again.

If you're going to start calling me a privileged white racist then get the fuck off my page now. Hit the unlike button and go find a page that agrees with your bullshit. I don't give two fucks, not even one fuck, if I lose fans for speaking my mind about utter stupidity of the citizens of our fucked up country

This weekend two officers were ambushed and killed in New York for no other reason than they wore the uniform. In Florida an officer was shot and killed, and RAN OVER as the suspect left the crime scene. And now rioters and protesters are taking over near Ferguson, MO again as an officer shot and killed an 18 year old black male who pulled a gun on him last night. The 18 year old LEGAL ADULT pulled a gun on an officer and people are fucking rioting because the officer shot him? Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME? 

Want to talk about someone feeling privileged and creating racial tension? It's not me. It's not my white friends or the white officers doing their goddamn jobs. It's not the Hispanic officers or the black officers. It's the few low life fucktards who think they should get away with murder because they believe they've been oppressed for generations. Those are the "privileged racists". To those assholes I say "Go fuck yourself." You have no interest in drawing attention to any real racial tension that does exist. You have no interest in making things better for your community. It's about shoving your agenda down the nation's throat and taking what you feel entitled to.. 

To the officers putting their lives on the line every single day, I say "Thank you." Thank you for doing a job that too many don't appreciate you doing. Thank you for the sacrifices you make to your family. And thank you for the ultimate sacrifice you sometimes make with your life. 

Cop hugs a tearful boy during Ferguson Protest
Image from Time

There are those that say you decided to do this job that is dangerous. But it doesn't mean that you should expect to live a short life because of this job. 

This job that can make people turn on you just for wearing a uniform. 

This job that puts you in danger on a daily basis even when doing routine calls.

To the families that won't have their loved ones with them this Christmas because they were killed in the line of duty, I'm so very sorry for your loss and my prayers are with you.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Snatch emergency

Remember last weekend how I missed my wax appointment? Yeah I called to reschedule that shit. Well, due to circumstances outside my master waxer's control, she couldn't get me in until after Christmas. 

The state of my hairy snatch became an emergency. I got desperate and shaved. I. fucking. shaved. I fucking know better! My FUPA (fat upper pussy area) does not do well with a razor. OMFG I hurt so bad. How do bitches SHAVE?!? My twat had razor burn and I got ingrown hairs. When I walked my clothes felt like a Brillo pad scrubbing me raw. 

Dickhead has a hard time understanding why I worship the wax - preferring to have my hair ripped from my lady bits, taint and asshole - and refuse to shave. 

He understood once I humped his face like a dog in heat and gave him a bearded-clam burn.