Sunday, August 25, 2013

There's no rationalizing with crazy

A coworker hired after me at my previous employer informed our mutual boss that his wife, who was mentally unstable, wanted a divorce because she thought we were having an affair. HELL NO! This dude is one of those that immediately sets off the “creep” flags on a woman’s radar and makes your skin crawl. He asked our boss to inform me that his wife was unstable and may reach out to me, that she had done this at his previous employer and that it caused problems with his coworkers. My boss told me to be aware of my surroundings at all times because "the woman is unstable and there is no telling what she could do."

I then was harassed on a daily basis. I got HR involved. Finally my employer changed my work extension, asked my coworker to tell his wife to stop coming inside the building after she came down and sat outside my office one day in an attempt to intimidate me - we worked at opposite sides of the building. And she still came into the building but my employer never kicked her out! I changed my work habits and started secluding myself in my office. I was stressed. Certified crazy is scary…you don’t mess with that shit. There’s no rationalizing with crazy!

Dickhead was very supportive of what I was dealing with. He told me she was blinded by my beauty and boobs when she saw me and latched onto me as a threat in her unstable mind. He thought it was rather funny at first until the harassment continued to get worse.

It was a blessing when I got my new job. Then my fucking boss blasted an email out to everyone and told them I had given my notice so congratulate me on my new position...and she said where I was going!

However, all has been quiet since I left there a month ago. Until this past week. I answered my work phone and the crazy twit said "this is so and so's wife. I'm calling because he told me you two are having an affair." I told her to stop right there, that I have never slept with her husband and I'm happily married. I told her to never call me again. She said "this is the first time I've EVER called you." So I called bullshit and told her we had to change my extension at my last employer because of her repeated calls. She said "as a woman, I need to ask how you can do it true?" I told her as a woman I wouldn't look twice at her husband and she needs to let her obsession go. I LEFT my last job to get away from this crazy situation that was forced on me and she has no right to harass me. She said "if you aren't sleeping with him then how did you know about this situation." I was like "Look, Crazy, obviously you have a screw or two loose. Your husband told OUR boss about it, who then informed me that I had a crazy psycho on my hands. Since then you've proved it time and again. Don't ever contact me again. I'm filing a police report for harassment," and I hung up. Then I immediately went to HR and filled them in on the situation. The IT department pulled the number from our phone system—in less than 24 hours she had called my new place of work 3 times before actually talking with meand they blocked it so Crazy can't call again from that number. I filed the police report. I also called my old boss and informed her about what had happened and about the police report.

I’m now packing mace and ready to show Crazy what crazy really is…