Saturday, December 20, 2014

Snatch emergency

Remember last weekend how I missed my wax appointment? Yeah I called to reschedule that shit. Well, due to circumstances outside my master waxer's control, she couldn't get me in until after Christmas. 

The state of my hairy snatch became an emergency. I got desperate and shaved. I. fucking. shaved. I fucking know better! My FUPA (fat upper pussy area) does not do well with a razor. OMFG I hurt so bad. How do bitches SHAVE?!? My twat had razor burn and I got ingrown hairs. When I walked my clothes felt like a Brillo pad scrubbing me raw. 

Dickhead has a hard time understanding why I worship the wax - preferring to have my hair ripped from my lady bits, taint and asshole - and refuse to shave. 

He understood once I humped his face like a dog in heat and gave him a bearded-clam burn.

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