Sunday, August 24, 2014

Nominated for the ice water challenge - f*ck that!

Everyone is still dumping ice on their fucking heads for that ALS charity challenge. Guess who got nominated? Yep, this Bitch. Guess who didn't do it? If you said this Bitch, you'd be right again.

Are you feeling like I'm an asshole yet? Of course you are. Do I care? Fuck no. ZFG. Look, it's a great charity. I'm not going to knock it. How many people are participating though because they feel guilted, not because it's a charity they care about? Did you accept the challenge? Be honest, I won't hate on you.

Here's the motherfucking deal. There is a charity close to my ice cold Bitch heart. This organization is raising awareness for children with CHILDHOOD CANCER. How many people do you know with that scary word....cancer? How many children do you know with CANCER? I know one. He's the precious son of my friend from Facebook's Cowboy Up for a CURE. Drew is only slightly older than Little Shit. When Little Shit is sick and has been in the hospital, Drew sends her pictures of himself with thumbs up and tells her she can do it, she will be okay. Drew and his mom are my heroes.

Picture collage of Drew from Cowboy Up for a CURE website

Want to know what Drew faces every. day. on top of cancer? He faces destruction to his nervous system from the radiation that is saving his life. He faces deterioration of his brain from chemo. He's lost some motor control because the life saving treatment he must take to beat cancer is too harsh for his little body. That life saving treatment is meant for an adult's body.

Most cancer research is not done with children in mind. Therefore when kids get that awful fucking thing called cancer, they must use the same treatment used on adults. More and more kids are diagnosed every. fucking. day. It's time we learn of an acceptable treatment. Because kids get cancer, too.

My dear friend is doing amazing work raising awareness and funds for research specific to childhood cancer. Check out the Cowboy Up for a CURE website. Donate. Or buy a shirt. All proceeds go to support families of those like Drew's and to research.

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