Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Well that was awkward...

Before running to the bathroom between meetings at work I slipped a tampon down my cleavage. After all, I didn't want to carry my purse with me and the maxi dress I'm wearing has no pockets. I wasn't going to walk around holding the damn tampon in my hand and draw attention to the bright yellow packaging.

On the way in the restroom door a male coworker, clueless as fuck that one should never interrupt a woman on a mission, wanted to discuss a situation with a client. While standing in the hall outside the toilet where I desperately needed to be, an executive joined the conversation. As usual I got a little animated while giving my two cents on the situation. Low and behold....a muthafucking tampon dropped between my legs and bounced to the toe of the executive. Both guys reached for it but recoiled as soon as they realized what the fuck they were reaching for.

Image from Cloudy, With A Chance Of Wine

From the looks on their faces you'd think it was a used vaj rag, not packaged and waiting to be inserted into my twat hole. Finally remembering that he had interrupted me on my way into the ladies' room, my coworker nudged the offensive tampon my way with his foot and said we could continue the discussion later, then both men hurried away. I'm amazed these guys get any pussy.

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