Wednesday, March 20, 2013

That really chaps my ass

Some things just really chap my ass. I'm not referring to scratchy granny panties. One of my biggest pet peeves is women hating on women - for no reason other than they are both women. I see it all the time in the corporate world. If there is a woman in a powerful role at work, other women will hate her. And it fucking disgusts me. Ladies that were once friends become jealous, conniving, bitter backstabbing cunt nuggets: "Look at Sally. She didn't deserve that position. I wonder how many dicks she had to suck to get that promotion."

Heaven forbid anyone actually remembers that Sally busted her ass working late, skipping lunches and making miracles happen to get projects completed. She wasn't slobbin' nobs and getting porked over the boss's desk when no one was looking. Why degrade Sally like that? Oh, because then you don't have to face the facts that your ass didn't get promoted...because you're a fucking slacker that leaves at 4:59pm every day, denies responsibility and never volunteers for complex projects.

Just yesterday another chic and I were discussing our company's CEO, who is female. My coworker was reaming the CEO for being a worthless twit with no sense about running a business. After listening to the twat waffle carry about how the CEO was "going to run the company into the ground because she doesn't know the first thing about business" I interrupted the tirade and received a blank stare for asking, "What makes you think she isn't capable?" Finally the judgmental dipshit stuttered, "Well, isn't it obvious?" It isn't. She has the credentials to run the business. They didn't hire her because she has a great rack. I read the company reports and I know she's making changes that need to be made. Some of those changes are painful for people that don't accept change well. But if the company is to survive, they must be made.

It sickens me that women are less likely to judge a man's capability in running a business than they are to question another female's ability. Why the fuck do women turn on each other?? We should be supporting one another, doing booby bumps, slapping asses and high fiving the Bitch that had the guts to go against the grain and succeed in business. So the next time you want to slam another strong Bitch, step back and ask yourself what really pisses you off about the situation. Chances are that it's jealousy.